OEM Illuminated Gear Knob Install


This is the installation of the M-Tech Illuminated gear knob. The only difference in installation is that you have to run 2 wires and tap them on an existing power source that is activated when lights are turned on.


According to BMW instructions, the most suitable place for such power source is the front ashtray bulb. Installation is very easy and takes no more than 30 minutes.


Existing gear knob to be removed



Put in 2nd gear


PULL really hard and pay attention not to get hit in the eyes when the knob is finally released



Remove the gear gator by pushing it towards the gear lever from the bottom left side


Once removed you are left with this:


Remove the 2 philips screws that hold the window switch trim and also remove the thick foam around the gear lever. Also disconnect both window switches and place the trim somewhere safe


The new knob box


The knob




Find the 2 wires that light the ashtray bulb and pull them a bit. BMW manual says to remove the top sunglass holder (or climate control) but this was not necessary. Brown is ground and grey/red is power


The kit comes with a plug/wire, cable ties, and 2 of the best quality I have ever seen wire taps.


The plug is for extension basically. Colors are different so be careful not to make a mistake:

Ground --> Purple

Grey/Red --> Grey


Tap the grounds together as seen below


Press the wire tap to close using a pair of pliers. Doesn't require excessive force!


Once you tap and the second wire, test the knob before replacing the trim.


Reconnect window switches and place the thick foam back in place


Make sure there is enough wire so no stretching when changing gears and also screw the switch trim in place


Run the knob wires through the gear gator hole and connect them with the 2nd plug that you tapped to the ashtray bulb wires


Replace the gear gator and carefully push the knob in place until you hear a small click.


Test again and wait until it's dark enough to admire it.