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In-Car PC Project (Carputer)

Satellite Navigation -- Finished
Bluetooth Retrofit -- Finished
Radio/CD/Mp3 Relocation Finished
Blower Fan DIY Finished
Blower Fan DIY v2.0 - with ESS Manifold   Finished
Rear Strut Mounts DIY Finished
Steering Wheel Joint DIY   Finished
Power Steering Pump Replacement DIY   Finished
Engine Stalling Fix Finished
MAF Replacement DIY   Finished
Fuel Filter Replacement DIY   Finished
BREMI Coils Replacement DIY   Finished
Air Intake Boot Replacement DIY   Finished
Lower Seat Belt Tensioner DIY   Finished
Instrument Cluster Rings Finished
Alarm Shock Sensor Install Finished
Bi-Xenon Install without LCM Programming V2.0   Finished
Door Rattle Fix Finished
Rear Parcel Shelf Rattle Fix Finished
MB Quart Amp - Carputer Relocation - Speakers Install   Finished
Treating rubber seals with silicone grease Finished
CDT Components Installation (Front)   Finished
MB-Quart 2-Way Speakers Installation (Rear)   Finished
Elemental Designs Subwoofer Install   Finished
Antenna Booster Replacement   Finished
320d - 4 Door rear window Regulator Fix Finished
Shitty paintwork on bumper   Fixed
OEM M3 Mirrors Retrofit With Autofold   Finished
Door Lock Actuator   Finished
Water (Heater) Valve Replacement   Finished
Centrafuse 2.0 CarPC Front End Management   Finished
ESS TS2 S/C Oil Change Finished
OBDII Extension Cable with 90 Degree Angle   Finished
Water Pump + Exp. Tank + Tensioners + Coolant Finished
3rd Engine Cover   Finished
Thermostat Replacement   Finished
Axxis ULT Ceramic Brake Pads DIY   Finished
Sport Leather Electric Seats with Memory Retrofit   Finished
Fuel Pump + M3 Fuel Baffle DIY   Finished
E46 330 Front Brake Conversion   Finished
E46 330 REAR Brake Conversion Finished
Dual Engine Covers Construction   Finished
Wobbly M3 Mirror Fix   Finished
Suspension Install + Brake Caliper Rebuilt + Front endlink rebuilt   Finished
BMW E30 Keyfob Conversion   Done
Quad Bi-Xenon Conversion   Done
A-B-C Pillar Headliner DIY   Done
Thule K-Sumit K23 Snow Chains Review   Done
ATE Brake Servo Replacement   Done
Steering Wheel Slipring Replacement   Done


Part numbers and some pictures were taken from and are for reference only! Part numbers for your specific application may be different!